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Our courses are great for anyone who is new to cryptocurrencies. We will help you understand the industry, how to invest and how to manage your assets correctly.

Currently being updated to reflect changes in the market. Existing users will have lessons automatically updated.
  • Understand Bitcoin

  • Learn About Blockchains

  • Discover Smart Contracts

  • Discover Different Alt-Coins

  • Learn How To Research Investments

  • Wallets & Security

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Technical Analysis

  • Learn How To Invest & Trade

Learning Crypto Premium

Starting from £0.99. This is where you can level up and stay ahead of the trend with your own education, investments and trading.

With over 50 hours of content recorded and fortnightly live zooms, premium will take you to the next level.

Weekly Lessons

Every Monday a new lesson is uploaded onto the portal giving you a new supply of content whether it is about investing, trading or how to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

Online Content Portal

Premium is packed full of value with lessons from various instructors on different investing/trading methods, coin research, live trading, zoom replays and trading challenges with resources.

Continuous Learning

With 1 on 1 support, Telegram announcements throughout the day with news & trading signals, keeping you ahead of the pack to help you to achieve your long-term goals.

We are being serious...

We have locked and fixed the price at £10 per month. At 32 pence per day, £2.30 per week and £120 per year. You won't find ANYTHING like this...

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(Coming In 2020)

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Have the opportunity to meet us in person and be able to share your experiences and success with us. We believe in a community that is together and this will be something you can be apart of at our events.

Meet Like-Minded People

This is a perfect opportunity to allow you to meet people who are also interested in cryptocurrency. It also allows YOU to ask any questions or get the correct guidance moving forward to reach your goals.


Cryptocurrency investing and trading is RISKY. Please view our terms of use and risk disclaimer before making any investment into crypto assets on an exchange.

Please seek professional advise and get adequate knowledge beforehand.