Our Transparency

View the results of our instructors on a monthly basis.

The reason we are doing this, is to protect something I have built since October 2017, and one of the core values I have always respected. That is transparency.

Transparency & Trust is one of the main elements of business but also to show you know your trade. We are willing to show you we can walk the walk instead of talk the talk. This is not to brag about profits, it is to show you that you can start from a small amount and grow it.

We are NOT financial advisers nor do we give trading signals, we ONLY give information on our courses & premium for you to go away and do the exact same thing yourself in a correct manner and most importantly be safe doing so.

So starting from September 2019, records have been created to show the transparency within the community. Our premium trades are a collective record from each person who contributes to the premium content.

This will be updated at the start of every month

Our Premium Trades

This will be updated at the start of every month

Collective Premium Spreadsheet

Current Success Rate: TBC

This will be updated at the start of every month. Along with full access to each persons spreadsheet to view trades

Premium Trade Recommendations

Starting from September. We will recommend trades that look good for a possible play. This will be done via possible FA and TA elements that you will be taught throughout our premium content or our courses. This will show if moves failed or became a success showing start to finish. Ash is also showing trade ideas which will be displayed publicly on Trading View.

Trade Recommendations
September - 50% +

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Cryptocurrency investing and trading is RISKY. Please do NOT copy these trades they are only on here for transparency purposes only. Our courses and content aims to teach you how to do the process but please be aware that any past data or past results do not give future success. Please seek professional advise and get adequate knowledge.