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This is unquestionable, the best premium service you'll find in the cryptocurrency space for the price of £20/month.

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Telegram Premium Analysis

Each and every morning we put a video in our Telegram for members. This can help with investments and trades. Overall market sentiment and trend bias is important, not just for cryptocurrency but for the entire markets. See what you think here.

Hours Of Lessons Included

Within your membership you can jump into hours and hours of content, from beginner lessons, advanced lessons and replay of our Zoom content which is done monthly for members.

Accessible Anytime

Our platform is accessible 24/7 on any device so you can catch up with content whenever you feel like it. A vast majority of our content is within our Telegram groups also like our daily videos.

Members Support Network

We believe in communities and having a support network. With your membership you will unlock 2 private chats (General Support + Trading) that is designed to help you grow. Members will help you throughout your journey, knowing you have a place to ask those silly questions will help you progress faster.

Earn As You Learn Trading

Want to learn as you go? Need guidance on your trading, we show our trades within our Premium channel to allow you to follow and learn along the way. These setups are fully embedded within our service and easy to follow as a beginner or advanced trader.

Our Trading Spreadsheet

All trades. Will be inputted in here.

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Project Price Analysis

Our analyst Gaz helps you manage your emotions on key levels of structure in the market on multiple projects (can request these too). Using the Monthly, Weekly & Daily timeframes, looking at key areas where you can feel more at ease if you are new or looking for a good dollar cost averaging area for an investment.

Fundamental Analysis

Every week we produce a fundamental video to all our members, covering what happened during the week and what to look out for the next coming week or weeks. This is easy to follow allowing you to stay on top of what is happening in the industry.

Members Profits

With our analysis and knowledge we aim to help people succeed in the markets. Whether this is through information on assets to invest in through information in the fundamental analysis reports or some technical analysis for a trade. We make it simple teaching you how to do it the correct way.

Advanced Market Momentum Finder

The Hitman indicator is ALSO included within your package with premium. Works with Trading View and we teach you exactly how to use it.

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