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Whether your a beginner or advanced in crypto, the wealth of knowledge in this group is amazing! So much trading and investment content in Premium membership, and it’s always being added to! Ash knows his Crypto, great teacher, and there’s always someone in the community to help in any way needed.. Absolute no brainer, and hey, the price is right!


I have been a premium member for a couple of months now and I really love the video's. It has really thought me a lot and made all the mistakes I have made in 2018 painfully clear. At least I know what to do now so I do not have to make the same mistake for the third or fourth time... Great value for money!


I have been a successful trader for over 20 years. I’ve traded everything possible, so crypto wasn’t any different when I began trading it. Then I discovered this company and Ash has helped me revamp my trading style, ideas and mentality to make me even more successful than I previously was. I’ve applied what I learned with him to stocks I trade and I’ve minimized my losses while maximizing my gains. I’m very happy and appreciative for his work.


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