Are You An Influencer?

Do you have a big following of cryptocurrency enthusiasts...?

We are offering you the chance to have a 20% commission on each product sale from ANYONE you refer to us.

We are looking for driven people with an existing audience that they are looking to monetize with our online courses and premium packages.

As a UK Registered company, we feel we are a great opportunity for people in the online space looking to create an extra side-income through our influencer program. At no extra cost, you can start as soon as we enable your account.

What Do You Get

You will get a full online dashboard that will give you links to sign up people which is directly link to you, we have a 365 cookie expiry on these so if they don't sign up the first time, the second, third or fourth will still track to you.

You can also see all your reports and statements for each month on how much you have earned through your links.


You will be paid directly into your bank or into your PayPal, you can choose. Unfortunately we will not be sending payments via Crypto as we do not accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment for courses.

Potential Earnings

Your earnings are completely uncapped. Depending on how many sales you make, you are rewarded each month. You have a high potential of recurring income via course payment plans or subscriptions and one off commission sales from each course.

  • 10 Sales of £250 Course Upfront at 20% = £500
  • 10 Sales Of £250 Course 6 Month Payment Plan At 20% = £90/Month for 6 Months
  • 1 Sale on a £250 Course Upfront = £50
  • 10 Premium active subscriptions = £20/Month
  • 100 Premium active subscriptions =£200/Month

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