Frequently Asked Questions

The Stuff We Get Asked...

Will I lose money?

Of course that is possible. You are looking to invest in a financial market. Providing you have cash you can afford to lose (which is the best method) you need to understand the risks. Majority of people who come to us have already had losses in the market and aim to improve via educating themselves more.

What do you recommend I do?

In terms of courses, our self-service courses provide you with everything you need. Understanding Cryptocurrency is the foundation, Beginners Trading Course is the foundation on how to learn to read the charts, then you got the Advanced Investing and Trading course which goes on to the mindset. You can do these individually if you wish or bulk buy.

What is Premium?

In terms of this vs the courses. This is a continuation membership allowing you to keep on progressing in the market. It can be useful for a beginner we do have content to help you get up to a certain standard, however it can be fast paced, so it is not a shortcut. Make sure you understand the foundation before you begin.

Do you offer financial advise

No, we are a school. All our teaching is based on generic methods without using an asset we recommend. In our Premium we will analyse the market and certain assets, but we won't be 'recommending' them as investments. That is down to you. Less you copy. Better you'll do.

Can you view my assets?

No, again we are a school. We don't want to spoon fed you. You have an opportunity to learn a skill that is going to pay dividends for life as a lifestyle as an investor. It is not a hobby. You cannot just get better by copying others.

How can I go from the monthly premium to annual?

You need to go into your subscriptions settings then cancel your payment plan for Premium monthly then repurchase your annual plan. These renew annually, you will be reminded 30 days before the end.