Payment Via Cryptocurrency

Please follow the onscreen instructions on paying for full course payments and yearly plans for premium with cryptocurrency.


Decide Product

Decide what product you'd like and remember the price of the product. Product list is below.


Decide Currency

Decide which currency you'd like to pay with whether it be BTC, ETH or XRP.


Send Cryptocurrency

Once you've sent the cryptocurrency follow the remaining instructions.

Courses Available For Crypto Payments (£)

These are discounted by default having using cryptocurrency payments as an option. Some of these are yearly payments so once the year is over it will automatically cancel and payment will be required again.

Remember GBP as payment in cryptocurrency

Send £90

Send £160

Send £100 (Yearly)

Send £180 (Yearly)

Send £100 (Yearly)

More Coming Soon

Send Cryptocurrency

Please make sure it is sent with the conversion in British Pounds (£)




Platform Instructions

Once payment has been sent, please follow these remaining instructions


Make An Account

Please ensure you have made a Learning Crypto account


Let Us Know...

Do this via the chat box on the website, email or telegram group. Tell us your account details and what product you've just paid for so we know.


Wait For Onboarding

Once you've sent us details of what product you want, we will add it to your account as soon as possible so you can start.