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    Our Online Affiliate Program

    Want to be apart of one of the best online affiliate programs for cryptocurrency education? Without having to purchase all of the packages to earn from. This could be for you.

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    Full Cryptocurrency Course Earnings

    3 Months


      Earn £25.50 For 3 Months

      Best Value


      Includes EVERYTHING!

        Earn £75 Upfront

        Trading ONLY Course Earnings

        3 Months


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          Trading ONLY!

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            What our students are saying about the full cryptocurrency and trading course

            Thanks guys AWESOME course! Joined the mob as a complete beginner, joined the premium and got the full course as soon as it launched. I’m now day trading comfortably and have 5x my initial deposit to my trading account & still learning so course has more than paid for itself. Have recommended you to friends and family keep up the good work on premium

            James Dean

            This course has great content, it has given me a good understanding of technical analysis and my confidence has grown, I am starting to make profits on binance with a greater overall view and understanding of the markets. Many thanks to Ash for his great teaching and sense of humour! Also the option to pay in installments which is a great help

            Dawn Lindup

            Best investment ever! If you’re a beginner wanting to learn more about how to trade crypto and all about it then you need to invest into this course. Very easy to understand, very helpful and brilliantly structured. If you follow the rules and guides, every video takes you a step further to educating yourself and being able to make the right choices. I definitely recommend this course.

            Rachel Kelly

            Learning Crypto Premium

            Premium is the place where we can turn you into a successful trader by teaching you the skills and strategies beyond the courses.

            Earn £3 Per Month

            What our students are saying about premium

            An amazing amount of content on offer for the prices set. The telegram groups are a constant stream of up to date information on the market as well as a place to find support, advice or other people's opinions. With more content on the horizon its an exciting time to be part of this group, particularly with the promise of live trade videos as these will give a great insight into a traders mind set before entering a trade.

            Gaz Elsegood

            Honestly the courses are worth every penny, each one is chock full of everything you need to know. this has been exactly what I have been hoping for and looking for. It's so important to have good teachers when it comes to something you want to learn about, and Learning Crypto has excellent ones. right to the point, informed, helpful, they want you to succeed and grow and in this day and age that's so rare, thanks again so far guys

            David Bobholz

            Having followed Ash & Lee for some time as an amateur crypto enthusiast, it became apparent they had a wealth of experience and a fresh approach to Cryptocurrency investing and trading. This spurred me into joining their premium membership which provides a vast array of training, regular live interactive sessions and astounding value for money. I would urge anyone new or veteran to crypto, to join the premium community and gain the knowledge you need to make better trading or investing decisions. Having sampled the premium membership I have seen the real benefit to investing in their full training courses so I will be upgrading!

            Martin Goulding

            Sneak Preview

            A quick look at the online portal for our Premium Subscription

            Lee Swallow on a Zoom Live

            Ash Davidson with a Monday lesson.

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            Cryptocurrency investing and trading is RISKY. Please view our terms of use and risk disclaimer before making any investment into crypto assets on an exchange. Please seek professional advise and get adequate knowledge beforehand.