About Learning Crypto LTD

Learning Crypto Ltd incorporated on the 12th November 2018. Company number: 11671720

From the humble beginnings of Facebook in 2017

Created in Mid-2017, on the Facebook platform through Facebook as a Group, known as The Crypto Mob, a lot has changed. Created originally by Ash Davidson having discovered sharing content about Cryptocurrency on Facebook had touched a tune with people's growing interest with digital assets.

During 2017 and into early 2018, cryptocurrency started to take off, the demand was increasing and so was the requirement to understand correctly how to manage the world of cryptocurrency.

Mid-2018 Ash & Lee decided to partner up and create an education platform, now known as Learning Crypto Ltd which has aspirations of becoming the leading education provider in the United Kingdom and also across the world.

Route To Accreditation

Having started in 2018 as Learning Crypto Ltd, the week we launched our platform Bitcoin went from $6,000 to $3,000 levels, so we picked a great time to go live, teaching people how to handle investments and portfolios through extreme bear conditions.

In 2019 we did a launch meet up in London, to outline our future plans. We also attended DLTCON in September of 2019 allowing us to speak on stage at their event to drive home the importance of education in the space, and most importantly the right education with the right support network to help people succeed.

2020 has seen the company go from strength to strength with the updated material and most importantly Learning Crypto LTD has recently achieved accredited CPD Status with the CPD Standards Office.

The team at Learning Crypto LTD are looking to go from strength to strength in years to come in becoming the leading place for cryptocurrency education.

Ash Davidson
Managing Director

Started in the financial world in 2015 whilst travelling the world in the Royal Air Force. Having becoming bored far too many hours of on-going aircraft travel, Ash rediscovered cryptocurrencies again.

Ash invested in the cryptocurrency markets in 2016 with BTC then diversified into Altcoins in early 2017, picking up ETH for around $14 and NEO for around $7 then got involved in a variety of ICO's

Ash is mainly a positional holder using the higher timeframes with a simple mentality of buying when assets are low and often forgotten about then taking profit when its high. With protection of taking profit throughout when profits are on the table, often seen in the premium channel with a measured approach and realistic expectations.

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Lee Swallow

An SME entrepreneur & start up specialist, Lee had dabbled in the financial markets via forex & stocks in 2016 for a passive investment income. Having kept an eye on Bitcoin since this time & growing frustrated at not buying in early 2017 through the $1800-$4000 levels he took the plunge to learn more about cryptocurrency through the 2017 bull run.

During this time Lee developed his day trading skills through further research & development & has successful built a strong & diverse cryptocurrency investment portfolio. Having successfully traded managed capital accounts, Lee has now built his own capital & day trades Crypto & Forex as well as positional holds in the stock market.

Lee's trading style is a mix of scalp & swing trading using a combination of technical & fundamental analysis to take profit from the market. This knowledge is now being shared with our members as we grow the UK's market leading cryptocurrency educational platform.

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Andy Robinson
Community Manager

Andy is currently serving in the British Army and has carried out 17 years service up to now. Andy has been involved in cryptocurrency since mid 2017 and has worked for several projects in community and advisory roles.

Andy is a positional holder and focuses on alt-coins with a mixture of low-cap cryptocurrency companies to increase added risk.

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Gaz Elsegood
Junior Analyst

Having spent 5 years in the British Army as a Royal Engineer, Gaz decided to pursue his passion for fitness by returning to education. It was at University in 2017 when he first discovered cryptocurrency whilst looking for alternative/passive income that could be achieved alongside his studies. A mutual friend of his and Ash’s invited him to join the Crypto Mob Facebook group and he has been a member of the community ever since.

Having achieved his Bachelors Degree in Strength & Conditioning he is now starting his own PT business. Gaz focuses mainly on accumulating BTC rather than fiat by trading altcoins on higher time frames. His method of charting and trading focuses exclusively on support and resistance which is easily understandable to beginners. He is now starting to apply his methods to trading FOREX pairs as well as cryptocurrency.

Gaz has went from a loyal member who supported the business from it's roots on Facebook into a role as an analyst. Gaz trades mainly on the higher timeframes using the Monthly, Weekly and Daily timeframes to execute decisions at key levels with dollar cost averaging overtime picking assets with strong fundamentals and often forgotten about due to low price ranges.

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