How To Be Successful (Managing Risk)

Here is a little step guide that I'd highly suggest with any new coin on the market you are willing to invest in.

Now with ICO's, there is no guarantee that price listed on exchanges will be higher than what you actually paid.

SO it is up to you to keep in the know on when it will get listed and most importantly where so you can do the following.

  • Take your initial investment out if profitable. You might find that it lists 6-8X higher.
  • Beware of BOTs trading to drive up the price for seed investors to take their money out
  • Use risk-free capital or profit to invest in these, in case it lists lower or does not list at all
  • Research here is key. Forget that and you'll get burnt.

All coins start somewhere. This is usually it. No harm in waiting for exchange listings, then wait for price stabilisation

With Launchpads, like Bybit for example the cost to do this isn't too bad as a lot of what you get is free... By using snapshot methods it allows you

to get within an asset at low prices, just make sure to sell them into BIT (token used for snapshot)

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